Sand Free Towels

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Designed with you, and the planet in mind.

Eco-friendly, practical and multi-purpose, created for your next adventure...

  • Each Towel is made up of 20 plastic bottles ensuring they are highly sustainable

The ultimate lifestyle towel

The perfect towel does exist... Providing you style and a lightweight, quick drying and completely sand-free experience. Whether you are heading to the beach, yoga or on a holiday, it is the perfect towel for any occasion!


More than 73 billion kgs of plastic end up in our oceans every year.

We are here to break the cycle of plastic entering the oceans by supporting waste collection, one recylable towel at a time. 

When you purchase a Sand Society towel, together, we repurpose waste, instead of it contributing to our overflowing landfill and oceans. 

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What our customers say

It’s really convenient and small once rolled up. Takes only a few seconds to shake off the sand and put in the bag right after use. I take it everywhere!

Alison H

Amazing for travelling! I just love how light weight they are for packing. No sand sticks and they dry quickly. What more could you want.

Holly S

The sand indeed comes off easily and love the lightness of the product! The designs are beautiful. This towel is perfect for any outdoor activities! 

Madeleine B

Love love love them! The service, quality & design is absolutely amazing. I've never been more excited to go to a beach and not leave with half the sand in my towel or bag. Would 100% recommend to anyone :)

Jess P

I'm in love with my new Sand Society towel! The quality is amazing. It's lightweight and so soft. Love that the towel dries so quickly! It's now my essential beach item as the sand slides right off - game changer!! Thank you Sand Society for creating such beautiful products!

Anna N

I was given a Sandy Society towel for Christmas and it was the best present ever. I love all their designs and colours and the quality is superb. I can't wait to travel with it as it rolls up next to nothing in its own carry bag. A great product.

Jenny M

A great quality towel and is made from recycled materials which I love. The best part is it doesn't leave sand through my house and is so easy to pack and travel with.

Nicole G

Love the benefit, no more sand in the car or home. Soft on the skin, I'll never go back to the old beach towel

David M

I don’t need to take a bag to the beach now and can even run down for a quick dip with my lovely lemon and aqua towel in one hand. Although thinner than the standard towel it is still so absorbant and light without having to carry back any sand.

Wendy M