Leave the beach at the beach

Sopping. Smelly, Sandy. Three words to describe a regular beach towel. Our product has been designed to provide you a new and refreshing beach towel experience, leaving you with a lasting impression that will make your beach days better!

Sand free towel, say no more!

Microfibre* Sand Free Tech

*Throw out your past experiences of microfiber and regular beach towels because ours simply do not compare!

The soft material not only repels sand, the small grid like bumps create a friction-less drying experience allowing you to not only leave the beach at the beach, but also providing a rapid drying experience.

At 400gsm our towels are 2-3x the thickness of most on market making them feel and behave like the premium towel you deserve.

Sustainably made

Each towel is made up of 20+ recycled plastic bottles, helping reduce landfill.

51 billion plastic bottles go into landfill across the globe each year, with many of these later finding their way into our oceans. Together, we can help reduce this by making small choices as a consumer that make a big difference.

Compact & Travel Friendly

Each towel folds into the size of a large wrap yet unfolds into a regular beach towel of 160cm x 80cm!

This leaves plenty of room in your beach or travel bag for other essentials.

Ultra Absorbent

Up to 1 litre of water of absorbency that will keep you dry after countless ocean dips. 

Odourless & Quick Drying

No more damp, smelly towels! Our towels also dry twice as fast as a regular beach towel.

100% Australian Designed

Keeping it simple, we've designed our towels in Australia with the philosophy of 'less is more'. The perfect addition to your beach Summer essentials kit.

Sand Society Sand Free Towel - Sustainably Made

Each towel is made up of 20-40 recycled plastic bottles

Sustainability is at our core.

With 8 millions tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year, together we can repurpose post consumer recycled plastic instead of it ending up in landfill.

Reduce your impact on the planet, whilst also making your beach days better!

We take post consumer recycled bottles, form them into flakes/chips that are then spun into thread to give you your Sand Society Sand Free Towel.

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