Towel Tech

How we keep the beach at the beach

Microfiber* technology

*Throw out your past experience of microfiber beach towels because ours simply do not compare! At 400gsm our towels are 2-3x the thickness of most on market making them feel and behave like the premium towel you deserve. The soft material not only repels sand, the small grid like bumps create a friction-less drying experience.


Why you'll be happy


We've searched for 18 months to perfect and develop a sustainable towel made from recycled materials. Each towel is now made up of 20+ plastic bottles helping to reduce the use of "virgin plastics" in our society. We're also working on a buy-back program for your old Sand Society towels to help minimise waste, stay tuned...

Compact & Travel Friendly


Each towel folds into the size of a large wrap yet unfolds into a regular beach towel of 160cm x 80cm! This leaves plenty of room in your beach or travel bag for other essentials.

A small Sand Society carry bag provided makes it easy to pack for every occasion.

Highly absorbent & Quick drying

Up to 1 litre of water of absorbency will keep you dry after countless ocean dips. 

Our towels also dry twice as fast as a regular beach towel.