About Us

We are avid beach goers and adventurous when it comes to the outdoors. When it comes to travel, sports and relaxing by the water it is the simplest things that can make all the difference. 

We believe that the simplicity is in not bringing the beach home with you, because who wants sand in their car, living room, shower and wherever else it finds it's way! 

We found a solution to keep the sand out of the car, and other unwanted place and keeps it at the beach where it belongs.

Our second simplest move was understanding that throughout most beach days you are likely to go for more than one dip and I don't know about you but we'd prefer not to use a sopping towel over and over again. Our towel drys 50% quicker than your average towel. 

And of course, when leaving the house whether by car, public transport or by foot there is always a million and one things to carry and lug around. We have kept it light and compact for you in a little Sand Society carry bag. 

Moral of the story, sand free = hassle free!