What is a sand-free beach towel?

What is a sand-free beach towel?

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Lightweight, highly absorbent, incredibly quick-drying and compact, a sand-free towel is essential for a trip to the beach. Here, we’ve rounded up the best ones you can buy online in Australia.

There’s nothing that spoils a perfectly relaxing day at the beach like a trail of sand everywhere your beach towel goes. Even when you think you’ve brushed off every grain before leaving the beach, you just somehow manage to find sand specks all over your car floor, in your bathroom, on your couch and basically anywhere you decide to sit, walk or pass by. It’s a true nightmare.

But that’s where the sand-free towel comes in…

What is a sand-free beach towel?

If you’ve ever looked closely at a normal beach towel, you would have noticed the material is made from looped fibres — this is what traps sand. So, a sand-free beach towel is made using loop-free material like velour or microfibre, which prevents sand from being caught between the fibres and instead, slides right off.

They’re also incredibly lightweight and highly absorbent, making them perfect for when you’re dipping in and out of the ocean all day.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite sand-free towels so you don’t have to stress about whipping out the car vacuum every time you plan on heading to the beach.

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