Travel to Hawaii with Sand Society - Eco Beach Towels

Travel with Nicole

Planning a dreamy beach vacation?

Q&A with @nicoletrovatto.

Travel essentials: phone, camera, bikinis, Sand Society sand-free beach towel, sunscreen, comfortable clothes for tropical weather, beach bag, sandals and lots of joy. 

Oahu Hawaii - Sand Society Sand Free Towels

Tips to conquer jetlag: Try to stay up for as long as you can, even if you're tired. It will pay off the next day when you are feeling fresh & ready to explore.

Butter Yellow Sand Free Towel Sustainably Made

Non-negotiables in your beach bag: camera, beach towel, sandals and 50+sunscreen.

'Hawaii is pure magic, and exploring the island is the best tip I could share. Don’t stay just in one place, go explore, do some hikes if you like, open the map on your phone and find some secret spots.'

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