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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Your Regular Towel for a Sand Free Towel.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Your Regular Towel for a Sand Free Towel.


  1. Soppy towels no more! Leave your regular beach towel behind, and you’ll guarantee that a Sand Free Towel will provide you with a pleasantly quick drying experience. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy and very wet beach towels.


  1. Smelly towels are just unbearable! We promise your Sand Free Towel dries so rapidly you will never get that wet or damp like smell. The ultra-absorbency and quick drying technology will allow you to rinse and repeat your beach days with a Sand Free Towel and no stench.


  1. Sand, literally everywhere. Say no more! From the car to the front door and bathroom floor we get it – after a day at the beach there is something refreshing about leaving the sand at the beach and not spread across your entire house like you may experience with a regular beach towel. A Sand Free Towel will simply leave the beach at the beach for a better experience all round.


  1. Regular towels are often not as durable or eco-friendly. When you purchase a Sand Society towel, together, we repurpose waste, instead of it contributing to our overflowing landfill and oceans. Each towel is made up of 20+ plastic bottles.


  1. Often fashion outweigh function. We believe less is more, and you'll find that in every carefully designed Sand Society sand free beach towel. Simplistic style, complimented with eco-friendly soft touch material – the best of both worlds – functional and chic!


A no brainer, right? Eco-friendly, practical and multi-purpose sand free towels, created for your next adventure...

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