Are All Sand Free Towels Are The Same?

Are All Sand Free Towels Are The Same?

Not all Sand Free Towels are the same, let us tell you why!

We pride ourselves in many things, whilst keeping it simple. Our product has been designed to provide you a new and refreshing beach towel experience, leaving you with a lasting impression that will make your beach days better! 

The common misconceptions on Sand Free Towels are: 

  • They have a weird furry feeling, 
  • They are paper thin and static, 
  • Cheap perhaps, but also nasty. They are nor long lasting or sustainable,
  • More function than fashion, thinking Kathmandu spec and, 
  • Whether they actually dry you or not can be debatable pending the style!

Sand Society towels truly are Australia's most chic sand free beach towels, here's why. Sand Society towels are:

Waves Sand Free Beach Towel

  • Super soft, the waffle texture has been created to make sure that you can have both. A soft touch, lightweight beach towel. 
  • At 400gsm our towels are 2-3x the thickness of most on market making them feel and behave like the premium towel you deserve. 
  • Each towel is made up of 20+ plastic bottles to reduce the use of "virgin plastics" in our society.
  • Up to 1 litre of water of absorbency that will keep you dry after countless ocean dips.
  • We proudly work with local Australian designers to bring you chic and simple designs providing something for everyone. 

Join us for a better beach day?




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